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Steve Jobs called Facebook a “shitty book”

by drbyos

The name came up in the context of a dispute over the iPad app from Facebook.

As part of the current app store litigation between Epic and Apple, new documents came to the public showing how the then Apple boss Steve Job felt about Facebook. The story dates back to 2011 – at the time, Facebook had not yet released an app for the iPad, which was first released in 2010. First did CNBC reported on the correspondence.

The starting point was an email that Scott Forstall – Apple’s software boss at the time – sent to Phil Schiller and Steve Jobs. It was about a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg about the introduction of a Facebook app for the iPad. Zuckerberg was a thorn in the side that Apple would not allow the Facebook app to contain “embedded apps”. Facebook proposed a compromise to Apple, which stipulated, among other things, that users who click on an app link in the Facebook app are either taken to a native app, to the app store (if such an app is not installed, but there available) or to the Safari browser. Facebook also wanted Apple to allow user postings on external apps in the news feed – Apple didn’t want that.


Other than this point with the postings, the proposal was acceptable to Apple. Steve Jobs also saw it that way, who in a corresponding email to his colleagues had a special name for Facebook ready: “I see it that way too – if we delete this suggestion from Scheißbook (‘Fecebook’), it sounds reasonable” so jobs.

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Since the “A” and the “E” on the keyboard are not that far apart, one could of course suspect a typo. In the context of the discussion about Zuckerberg’s network, however, intent also appears to be a permissible assumption. It also fits that we now know that Steve Jobs was notorious for his outbursts of anger and verbal abuse.

In the end, a couple of compromises were agreed. When Facebook finally appeared for the iPad, it was not possible to use Facebook’s own credits currency – for example for Farmville. The dispute with the Fornite developer Epic is about a very similar topic, which is why these documents are relevant for the negotiation.

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