STAYC release MV for title song ‘Bubble’… Focus on distinctive choreography – Kstyle

STAYC release MV for title song ‘Bubble’… Focus on distinctive choreography – Kstyle

Photo = STAYC “Bubble” MV capture

STAYC appeals the teen fresh charm that has evolved from “Teddy Bear”.

At 6 pm (KST) August 16, STAYC released the music video of the title song “Bubble” and the sound source of all songs of the third mini-album “TEENFRESH” through the music distribution site.

STAYC, who gained popularity with “Teddy Bear” released in February, released a new album “TEENFRESH” after 6 months. ‘TEENFRESH’ is a word that combines teenagers, which means teens, and fresh, which means freshness, and this album is the culmination of the unique charm of teen fresh.

The album contains a total of 6 songs, including the title song “Bubble”, “I Wanna Do”, “Be Mine”, and “Bubble” speed up versions and English versions. This album, which is perfect for the season, presents various songs with a festival concept. Earlier, STAYC introduced, “You can feel the atmosphere of a summer festival when you listen to all the songs. Compared to the previous album, the refreshing feeling has been added. The energy-filled sound has changed.”

The title song “Bubble” is a song that adds an unforgettable addictive hook to a light synth bass sound, highlighting STAYC’s lively charm.

“Bubble” compares other people’s gazes and people who torment him to a bubble that quickly disappears. “He’s selfish. Sometimes he doesn’t think about anything. It can’t be helped. No matter what I do, I will never change.” STAYC’s positive and fun support to live in a circle that doesn’t know where it will fly, instead of the circle that the world wants It is

The music video is packed with STAYC’s adorable charm as they sneak out of the dormitory and head to the bubble arcade. The choreography of playing a train, poking her cheek with a finger, and blowing up her mouth like a balloon are impressive. Comedian Hong Jin Kyung makes a special appearance as a dormitory teacher to liven up the atmosphere.


Hong Jin-kyung’s appearance was realized through the ‘Hong Kim Dong-jung’ relationship with High-up Entertainment’s representative producer Black Eyed Pilseung’s Rado producer. Earlier, Yoon said, “When I saw him on YouTube and on TV, I thought he was an interesting person, but he had a wonderful aura. I was playing the role of a teacher, but I was overwhelmed and really ran away.” Published.

STAYC, who debuted in November 2020 with the title song “SO BAD” of the first single, has released songs such as “ASAP”, “STEREOTYPE”, “BEAUTIFUL MONSTER”, and “Teddy Bear” with music that adds popularity to the clear team color of teen fresh. hit in quick succession, and grew into a girl group representing the 4th generation.

STAYC, who have been loved for their healing positive energy, are determined to show their upgraded charms by incorporating their best in this album. Expectations are high for STAYC, who say that their strength is their frank and imposing charm, and whether they can surpass the success of “Teddy Bear”.

In line with the concept of the festival, STAYC held a fan showcase to commemorate the release of ‘TEENFRESH’ at Lotte World’s garden stage on the day of its release. It is a place where not only fans but also the general public can interact with each other.

In addition, starting with the performances in Seoul on September 23rd and 24th, the group will hold their first world tour in a total of 11 cities until next year, further expanding the scope of their activities.


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