Statue of Nimeño in Nîmes: three years later, hefty bill for the photos that appeared in a book

The small Nîmes publishing house Alcide was called to order by the association of authors in the graphic and plastic arts, which demanded money from it.

Publisher Yann Cruvellier is furious. In June 2020, at the end of the confinement, and while his small publishing house Alcide is in trouble, he receives a letter from ADAGP, the association of authors in the graphic and plastic arts on behalf of the artist Serena Carone, who made the statue of Nimeño on the arena square.

After he reproduced a photo of the statue in a book Nîmes, 25 centuries of history, published three years earlier in 2017, the sculptor approached this organization to ask for rights.

Time passed and the publisher received a new letter with a formal notice concerning Serena Carone, but also Elisabeth de Portzamparc for photos of the Musée de la Romanité, and Martial Raysse, artist who made the sculptures of the Place d ‘Assas and the crocodile of the Place du Marché.

Public money

The editor seethes and argues: “The statue of Serena Carone was paid for with public money and is in the public domain, how much has she received for her sculpture? Mme de Portzamparc has apparently received 7.5 M € d fees to build the museum. Do Madame de Portzamparc and Mr. Raysse wish to contribute to the disappearance of books on Nîmes? ”

Because in addition to the 766 € (883 € TTC) requested, the book should no longer be marketed from October 2022. However, the publisher recalls that this book cost him 20 790 € (including 3410 € for the authors, Yann Guichaoua the photographer and Eric Teyssier the editor). The Region paid a subsidy of € 692 and with 1,806 copies sold, the net result is € 787…

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Contacted by Free noon, the sculptor is bored and does not remember if it was she who grabbed the ADAGP or not. “The artists are obliged to go through the ADAGP, as the musicians need the Sacem, but I sometimes give up my rights, especially for small structures. The problem is that once the ADAGP has launched a procedure, it is difficult to make them go back … “

Serena Carone believes that she must perceive in a general way “30 € per year of copyright” and said he was open to discussion. The statue, arguably the most photographed monument in Nîmes by tourists (who, like the press, can do so freely) appears twice in Alcide’s book.


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