State Border Guard Service exposed a Ukrainian who dreamed of a “Russian world” (video) — UNIAN

State Border Guard Service exposed a Ukrainian who dreamed of a “Russian world” (video) — UNIAN

Dubious appeals of the detainee, which he broadcast on banned social networks, were found.

The State Border Service detained a supporter of the “Russian world” who “was born in the wrong place.”

How reported in the press service of the State Border Guard Service, a man who, according to documents, but not according to his position, is a citizen of Ukraine, planned to leave for Moldova. During the check, law enforcement officers discovered that he was an active user of pro-Russian resources, moreover, he recorded his own “dubious” appeals for social networks. One of these border guards published.

In the footage, a man reflects on the fact that he was born in the wrong country. He calls Ukraine “ragulyatney”.

“For peace and unity in our state. No matter how, whatever you say, but the article for the unity of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, historical, was published both in Russian and in Ukrainian. Here, I read it, because I am an ordinary citizen. Mom mine was born in Kazakhstan, and I had to be born in “ragulatne”. It’s not my fault. That’s it, I’ll have to make a pilgrimage for peace and unity in our state,” the Ukrainian told his “subscribers.”

The State Border Guard Service notes that he will tell his desires about life in the swamps at the police station.

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Scandals with supporters of the “Russian world”

As UNIAN reported earlier, a Ukrainian woman who lives in Ivano-Frankivsk said that Russia would definitely win and explained that she simply “thinks realistically.” However, the girl’s position on the war changed dramatically when her live broadcast became resonant. In a matter of hours, she recorded a video message of apology.

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Then another such admirer of Russia, who is in Ivano-Frankivsk, said that being born in Ukraine was her biggest mistake. With that, she loves Russia very much, and the language of the occupying country is better for her than her native language.

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