– Starting to get disturbing – E24

Telia has extensive problems with the mobile and fixed network. It is unknown how many customers have been affected.

PROBLEMS: According to the website Downdetector, more than 2000 reports of internet problems have been reported at Telia after 6 pm.


– We currently experience that some of our customers have problems with our mobile and fixed network. We are working on troubleshooting and hope to resolve the matter as soon as possible. We apologize so much to the customers who are affected, says information manager Daniel Barhom in Telia to VG.

– How many customers are we talking about?

– I can not answer that.

– Are you aware that Telia also has challenges outside Norway?

– I can not confirm that, Barhom answers.

Technology expert: – Disturbing

Telia had problems with the landline Monday night this week, but reported Tuesday that the error was corrected.

– This is the second time Telia is down in a short time, and this is starting to get disturbing – to put it mildly, says city manager in the communications agency Coxit and technology expert Magnus Brøyn.

He is at a technology and HR conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, where, according to Brøyn, they also do not have a mobile network.

TECHNOLOGY EXPERT: Magnus Brøyn in the communications agency Coxit.

– It is clear that this is something that affects the basic strains, such as when Facebook had problems with the underlying network between the data centers. There is no reason to believe that this is connected, but Telia had problems more or less at the same time, he says and continues:

– Now it’s happening again. Not only in Norway, but also abroad. This shows that the problems are probably quite extensive. Because there is no automaticity in this type of downtime also affecting subscribers abroad.

However, Brøyn will not start speculating about what has happened.

– Is there one thing the last few days have taught us, is that there is no point in starting with the big conspiracy theories.

Østfold: The notification of broken fiber cables

The website Downdetector has received over 2000 error reports from Telia customers across large parts of the country.

On Telia’s website, those who enter will be greeted by the following message:

“We have problems with Telia.no right now, so you now see a simplified version of the front page instead. Fortunately, the online store is in order »»

The company has a total of over 480,000 broadband customers in Norway.

FROM 0 TO 100: After 6 pm, the reports of problems at Telia shot straight up. More than 2,000 people have reported messages.

Telia customers in Østfold were notified on Thursday morning of an extensive fiber break in the area that has affected both the TV and Internet services.

– There are five fiber cables that have smoked in connection with drilling in a motorway, Telia wrote to these customers. On Thursday afternoon, new messages came that E6 must be temporarily closed to correct the error and that this will happen on Friday night.


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