Start today, cast, plot and trailer for the Netflix movie

From today the thriller “Prey” can be seen on Netflix. Who is playing? Why is? We have all the information for you.

Starting today, the streaming service Netflix a new thriller will be available for viewing. The German thriller – one of the first after “Kidnapping Stella” from 2019, is about a bachelor party that escalates quite a bit – and in a different way than you can imagine. Even without alcohol textases, strip clubs and Drugs the excursion becomes an absolute horror trip for the friends. Because: someone is hunting them. And that someone is deadly serious.

Who is playing? What exactly is it about? We’ll tell you. Here in our article we have all the information about the start, cast, plot and an official trailer for “Prey” for you.

“Prey” on Netflix: Start Today

“Prey” can be seen on Netflix starting today, Friday, September 10th, 2021. You can watch the new thriller from Netflix production from 9 a.m. Central European Time.

These are the actors of “Prey”: Cast

“Prey” is a German film produced by Barbara Mientus and Sonja Ewers. The latter has worked as a co-producer on films such as “My friend Conni – the secret of Kater Mau”, “My devilishly good friend” and “Doctor Proktor’s time bathtub”.

The cast of the main actors is as follows:

actor role
David Kross Roman
Hanno Koffler Albert
Robert Dark Peter
Yung Ngo Vincent
Klaus Steinbacher Stefan

This means that there are some faces that are not alien to German television and cinema screens. David Kross is known for example from “Ballon”, Boy 7 “and” Das Blaue vom Himmel “41-year-old Hanno Koffler has acted in several films, including” Meister des Todes “and” Die Saat “, but was also in some German programs as seen several times on “Tatort”.

The Austrian Robert Finster is known from productions such as “Tribes of Europa”, “Freud” and “Walking on Sunshine”, while Yung Ngo has appeared in “Dogs of Berlin”, “Ein Fall für Zwei” and “Katakomben”. Klaus Steinbacher is best known from “Das Boot” and “Der Bergdoktor”.

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This is what “Prey” on Netflix is ​​all about: The Plot

Roman is getting married. And as is tradition, his buddies – brother Albert and friends Peter, Vincent and Stefan – organized a bachelorette party. The goal: the lonely wilderness. Straightforward, simple and calm. Or so they thought. When suddenly shots are fired that destroy the idyll, don’t think too much about it – it will just be a hunter.

And that’s it. Not a commercial animal hunter, however. Its prey is bigger, smarter, and much more human. Sagittarius has only one goal: the five friends. When Vincent is shot in the middle of the forest, the hikers realize that it will be a fight for survival.

Official trailer for “Prey” on Netflix

There has recently been an official trailer for the Netflix thriller “Prey”. We have linked it for you so that you can get an impression of the plot for yourself.


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