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News from 09/10/2021

LEADER, LILE, OWL ?? These are all the terms used by the EU funding program for rural areas. At the kick-off event for the Rhine-Ahr applicant region on September 1, Hans-Günter Fischer, Mayor of VG Linz and co-initiator of the application, welcomed those present.

inc. The participants asked Fischer not to be put off by the various abbreviations, but to see the opportunity behind the EU funding program.

The applicant region Rhine-Ahr would like to become a funding region in the LEADER program from 2023. To this end, the municipalities of Bad Breisig, Bad Hönningen, Linz and Unkel have to come up with a joint regional strategy together with the cities of Remagen and Sinzig. This paper will then be presented to the Ministry of Economic Affairs in February 2022, which will decide on the application.

Citizens contribute their ideas

Citizens of the participating municipalities and cities on the left and right of the Rhine were asked to ?? click in ?? in the digital start. At the joint kick-off, around 80 participants learned how the funding program basically works. Then three projects were presented that had already been implemented with EU funding through the LEADER program.

A pilgrimage route was set up near Bad Kreuznach, which deals with the history of Hildegard von Bingen. Thanks to LEADER, a series of events for young entrepreneurs has been set up in the Vulkaneifel, which supports young businesspeople in making contacts and exchanging ideas. The Palliative and Hospice Association Linz, which received funding for training nurses on the subject of palliative medicine, showed that even small projects by volunteers can benefit from the funding program.

In the subsequent working groups, the participants then contributed their own ideas, inspired by the projects presented. When asked about the opportunities for the region, many people expressed the wish to network more closely across the Rhine? be it with parties or a digital appearance. This would enable hiking trails and museums as well as gastronomy to be better advertised and made visible to citizens and guests.

Further topics were the better experience of regional history, the sensitization for nature and the environment and the chance to use LEADER for innovative living concepts. The participants are certain that the region as a whole, with all its facets, has the potential of a big city, which must now be exploited.

Citizen survey started

Mayor Marcel Caspers (VG Bad Breisig) thanked the participants at the end. The fact that the region chooses its own topics at LEADER and these are not specified by the funding agency is one of the special features of LEADER and asked for active participation in the online survey that is now available.

The link to the online survey and all other information about the process can be found on this website.

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