“Starmania”, the famous Rock Opera is back!

Created by Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon more than 40 years ago, the show returned to France.

The story takes place at Monopolis, sprawling city where neon lights replace the sun. 8 characters cross their destinies : Zero Janvier the richest man in the world and the Guru Marabout, defender of theories of ecology (both candidates for the presidency of the West), the fallen actress Stella Spotlight, the young zonard Johnny Rockfort, Cristal the star presenter, the enigmatic Sadia, Marie-Jeanne the automaton waitress and her “friend” Ziggy. In this world that doesn’t look like them, everyone seeks the sun in the middle of the night. But in this labyrinthine city, the cradle of all violence, getting too close can be fatal.

In 4 decades, this futuristic, prophetic and timeless work has brought together more than 6 million spectators and makes all generations sing.

“Against each other”, “SOS from an earthling in distress”, “When we arrive in town”, “The Blues of the Businessman”, “The World is stoned”, “Need for love”… (Re)discover the hits that have become essentials of French song of this phenomenon show.


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