Star Wars – Visions: Review of the second season

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Still from the second season of “Star Wars: Visions” © Lucasfilm/Walt Disney

Disney+, which was still new at the time, presented nine stories from well-known Japanese anime studios from the worlds of “Star Wars” in autumn 2021 under the title “Star Wars: Visions” aka “Star Wars: Visions”. Season two came out on May 4th, this time featuring episodes from studios around the world.

Nine stories with sometimes more, sometimes less reference to the worlds of “Star Wars” with a running length of about 15 minutes each, some longer, some shorter: same concept, but new faces.

While the stories from the first season all came from renowned Japanese anime makers such as Kamikaze Douga, Trigger or Production IG, the new stories in the second season of “Star Wars: Visions” were created this time by international animation makers based in Spain, Ireland, Chile , England, South Korea, France, India and again Japan.

“Sith” from the Spanish studio El Guiri is about the former Sith acolyte Lola, who has retired from the order and leads a secluded life as an artist together with her droid. A dark spot on her artwork heralds the coming of her former master. You can read what the other episodes are about and whether it’s worth it at serial (Thorsten Walch)

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