Stake Li Zhuo Ren He Junren Zou Xingtong accused of inciting subversion of the regime. On Friday, the National Security Office raised 2.2 million yuan in stake assets (22:19)-20210909-Hong Kong News-Real Time News

The police confirmed that the National Security Department of the Police Force tonight (9th) charged 5 members of the Stake Standing Committee for providing information for failing to comply with the notification requirements under the provisions of Schedule 5 of the Implementation Rules of Article 43 of the “Minato National Security Act”; one of them Together with the other two and the stake, they were also charged with inciting others to subvert state power under the Minato National Security Act. Today, the National Security Office also searched for evidence at the meeting site and warehouse of the stake, and seized documents, computers, and promotional materials. At the same time, it froze about 2.2 million Hong Kong dollars in assets of the stake.

[20:40]The National Security Office of the police yesterday morning (8th) arrested 4 people including Zou Xingtong, the vice chairman of the Stake Stake, on suspicion of failing to comply with the provisions of Article 43 of the “Minato National Security Law” to provide information. Zou Xingtong’s relatives and friends quoted a lawyer tonight (9th) as saying that the police’s accusation against Zou Xingtong was changed to “inciting subversion of state power,” but the case was not charged. The police detention time for Zou Xingtong will expire tomorrow morning.

Zou Xingtong’s Facebook account posted a post, quoting a lawyer to relay Zou Xingtong’s oral message, saying that after hearing the four words “inciting subversion,” she “is relieved. If the dust settles, let’s have a fair debate. Should the slaughter be held accountable, should the one-party dictatorship end, instead of entangled in accusations such as “foreign agents”.”

Stake related reports:

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