Stake Li Zhuo Ren He Junren, Zou Xingtong accused of inciting subversion of the regime, etc. Zou Xingtong was refused bail and accused of being “ridiculous” in court (11:47)-20210910-Hong Kong News-Real Time News

The case was heard by the judge designated by the National Security Law and acting chief magistrate Luo Quan. The Department of Justice is represented by Acting Deputy Criminal Prosecutor Zhou Tianxing and Acting Senior Prosecutor Wu Jiayue.

The court first handled the case of “inciting others to subvert state power.” When the secretary read out the charges to the defendants, Zou Xingtong said, “I understand, this is an absurd charge.” Li Zhuoren and He Junren, who are still serving sentences in other cases, did not apply for bail, while Zou Xingtong applied for bail and made a statement in the prisoner column.

After hearing the statements of the prosecution and defense, Luo Guan refused his bail, and Zou kept the bail for 8 days for review. Luo Guan also refused to lift the restrictions on media coverage under Article 9P of the Criminal Procedure Ordinance. In addition, because the stake was one of the defendants in the case, but no representative was present today, Guan Luo ordered the case to be postponed until October 28th.

The charge pointed out that on September 8, 2021, Zou Xingtong and other five persons, as the Hong Kong Citizens Support Patriotic and Democratic Movement Federation in Hong Kong, managed or assisted in the management of the organization in Hong Kong, and have been approved according to the “Hong Kong The Special Administrative Region’s National Security Maintenance Law Article 43 Implementation Rules (Document A406A) Schedule 5 Article 3(1)(b) of the notice was served without complying with the provisions of the notice.

Another charge stated that Hong Kong citizens supported the Patriotic and Democratic Movement Federation, Li Cheuk-ren, Ho Chun-jen and Zou Xingtong, who incited others to organize and organize in Hong Kong during the period from July 1, 2020 to September 8, 2021 (both dates inclusive) To plan, implement, or participate in the implementation of illegal means to subvert state power, that is, to overthrow or undermine the fundamental system of the People’s Republic of China established by the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, or to overthrow the central government organs of the People’s Republic of China.

More than a dozen police officers in uniform and plainclothes were on guard outside the court this morning. At 9 a.m., about 100 people lined up to listen. Former Stake Standing Committee Member Cai Yaochang, Liang Guoxiong’s wife and Chairman of the Social People’s Company Chen Baoying, Social People’s Company member Zeng Jiancheng, and former Legislative Council Member Zhang Chaoxiong were also present.

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