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Julius Vietzen


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“Squid Game” came out of nowhere and has become a real phenomenon. If you’ve only heard the title so far and can’t do anything with it: We’ll introduce you to “Squid Game” and tell you whether the mega hit is worth it.

“Squid Game” is currently on everyone’s lips. If you’re wondering what the Netflix series is all about, what it’s about and whether it’s even worth it, you should watch the video above.

In it, FILMSTARTS video editor Sebastian introduces you to “Squid Game” in due detail and explains what makes the series so special. And these are not just the various deadly children’s games around which the plot revolves, but above all the human abysses and conflicts of conscience that open up very quickly around the heavily written main characters.

Sebastian also explores the question of how “Squid Game” could become such a huge hit in his video – and of course, whether the series lives up to the huge hype. It all happens without a spoilerSo don’t be afraid if you haven’t (yet) checked out “Squid Game”.

If you are interested in what happens after “Squid Game” in a second season or a spin-off series, watch this video:


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