Square Enix showed gameplay from their next action role-playing game

It was earlier this year that Square Enix and developer Luminous Productions officially revealed Forspoken, the game that until then had gone under working titles Project Athia. During the PlayStation Showcase broadcast this week, the game reappeared, with a proper look at how it works.

Forspoken. Image: Square Enix

The new trailer for the experience – which you will find in the video window above – introduces us once again to protagonist Frey Holland. The young girl lives an awkward life in New York, before one day she is suddenly transported to Athia – a fantasy world full of magic, dragons and other monsters.

Together with Cuff, a talking bracelet reminiscent of Wheatley from Portal 2, Frey must navigate this unknown world while becoming better acquainted with her new magical abilities.

Based on the trailer, she gets access to a number of different features, including jumping and bouncing, but also shooting with just her hands.

Forspoken will be launched sometime in the spring of next year. The game has so far only been confirmed for PlayStation 5, but there have also been hints of a PC version.

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