Spotify wants to directly connect advertisers and audio audiences through its Spotify Audience Network marketplace

Spotify has just made several announcements in the field of audio advertising, and in particular in advertising integrated into podcasts. Thus, the music streaming platform unveiled its Spotify Audience Network marketplace.

It will allow advertisers to purchase advertising space to connect with digital audio consumers in the Spotify perimeter, and more specifically podcast listeners. This new platform will be implemented in the coming months, without further details.

In addition, Spotify should launch its Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI) program in new markets during the year. For now only available in the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom, this service launched in early 2020 allows you to insert advertising slots for listeners listening to a podcast streaming. New features related to this service should also be unlocked quickly, such as audience-based purchasing or performance reports. Likewise, this technology is expected to be made available to Megaphone podcast editors and Anchor creators later in the year.

Finally, Spotify will enrich its self-service advertising platform Spotify Ad Studio. The platform will soon launch a beta of podcast ad buying on Spotify Ad Studio in the United States.

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