Spotify now has a dedicated hub for official Netflix show soundtracks

Have you ever loved a soundtrack on a Netflix series so much that you instantly found the original song on your favorite music streaming platform? Well, if so, you would surely be happy to hear that Spotify has now made it a lot easier to find a song you’ve heard on a Netflix series thanks to the new “Netflix Hub” on the platform.

The music streaming giant recently added a new section to its platform that includes all of Netflix’s soundtracks, playlists and podcasts. Known as the Netflix Hub, it’s a dedicated section for all Netflix-related audio content. Although most of the titles featured in popular Netflix series and movies were already available on Spotify, the Netflix hub brings them all together in one place.

Spotify did the same for Disney content on its platform in 2019. Relying on the popularity of Netflix and its content, the music streaming giant aims to provide users with a central hub to find every Netflix-related audio track, podcast, and playlist.

What’s in the Netflix hub on Spotify?

Now we come to the content in the Netflix Hub on Spotify, there are currently three separate categories for Official Netflix playlists, Netflix soundtrack albums, and Netflix podcasts. Each section shows some of the content ahead of time for users to browse. However, users can tap / click the Show All button to explore more content.

The Official Netflix Playlists section has several series-based playlists, including each soundtrack from a specific series. This includes soundtracks from popular Netflix series like Money Heist (La Casa de Papel), Narcos: Mexico, Stranger Things, and more.

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The Netflix Soundtrack Albums section, on the other hand, contains all featured soundtrack releases from Netflix movies and TV shows such as Red Notice, Cowboy Bebop, Squid Game, The Crown and more. The Netflix Podcasts section has all of the Netflix-related podcasts like Okay, Now Listen, Netflix is ​​a Daily Joke, 10/10 (Would Recommend), You Can’t Make This Up, and a few others.

Check out Netflix Hub on Spotify Now!

So, if you’re a Netflix fan and want to quench your thirst for good music and audio content, you should Go to the Netflix hub on Spotify at the moment.

The music streaming platform is expected to add more soundtracks, albums, playlists, and podcasts to the hub as they continue to be released. For now, you can come up with a few melodies from the The Paper House-Wiedergabeliste or Immerse yourself in a podcast about the popular Netflix series The Crown on Spotify.


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