Spotify and Apple Music: Aitana and Nathy Peluso land in San Sebastián in full success of their songs Ateo and Mon Amour with Zzoilo and C. Tangana

Nathy Peluso with Aitana at this year’s Goya gala. / Instagram Aitanax


Both will perform this week in the capital of Gipuzkoa and take over the top 2 of the reproductions on Apple and Spotify with their collaborations with Zzoilo and C. Tangana

They are friends, they have a sweet moment and this week they will both perform in San Sebastián. Aitana and Nathy Peluso, two of the artists of the moment, especially for the younger audience, arrive with their tours to the Gipuzkoan capital this week from Puente. Both shared the Goya gala with their respective performances in the last edition and since then they have maintained a friendship full of successes, although at the moment they have not collaborated on any song.

But the two artists will arrive in Donostia on the crest of the wave in terms of successes. The young women take over the ‘top 2’ of the playlists in Spain both on Spotify and Apple Music thanks to the collaborations signed with Zzoilo and C. Tangana. The single ‘Ateo’ that Argentina has signed with C. Tangana burst onto the list at the weekend, after the controversial video clip recorded at the Cathedral of Toledo was released last Friday. The song is since then in the first position of the most reproduced.

A first position that has been taken from her friend Aitana, who had been at the top of the most reproduced for many days with the song ‘Mon Amour’ in collaboration with the artist Zzoilo.

Aitana, recovered

This is how they both arrive in Donostia. The first to act will be Nathy Peluso, who this Tuesday the 12th will offer her recital at the Kursaal Auditorium. There are still tickets for sale in the
Kursaal website.

Aitana, meanwhile, will land on Friday to fill the Anoeta Velodrome. The Catalan, after suffering laryngitis that forced her to stop her tour, has returned to the stage in Granada this past weekend, so her presence in the Gipuzkoan capital is guaranteed.



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