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Sporting return to El Molinón three months later | BE Gijón | BE Deportivos Gijón

by drbyos

The 8th of March, El Molinón closed its doors. 18,860 people left the stadium with the satisfaction of having seen the Sporting thrashing the Unión Deportiva Las Palmas (4-0) and taking into account what the team would use for (qualifying) that comfortable victory, but in all the conversations there was also concern about the news that pointed to the arrival of the coronavirus in Spain. Few imagined, that soccer afternoon, what would happen in the following months.

Today, 95 days later, El Molinón has returned to watch football. ‘The Temple’ has reopened its doors this Thursday to host a training of the Sporting, preparing the return to the competition, scheduled for Sunday in Riazor. There is still time for the oldest stadium in Spanish football to experience a match again; It will be on Monday June 22 and it will not be just any meeting, but the strangest derby ever: a Monday night and no audience in the stands.

On this last aspect he was blunt this morning on Antena 3 Irene Lozano, president of the Higher Sports Council, by ensuring that “You can’t go to the stadiums or the surroundings. That is the position today. If we have learned anything from this epidemic, it is that everything changes very fast. If at any time you can go to the stadiums, it will be said with enough time. “Lozano recalled that the autonomous communities do not have competences In this regard, it does not admit comparisons with the opening to the public of the cinemas (for example), since 30% of the capacity of a stadium can reach “20,000 or 30,000 people” and insists that “what happens, will happen in all stadiums at the same time, to guarantee the integrity of the competition” . As this last scenario is impossible for June 22, it is clear that the Asturian derby will be played behind closed doors.

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For now, the team is focused on starting well at Riazor, a match they will face with Bogdan’s downfall (which will need three more weeks of recovery) and the doubt of Aitor García.

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