Sporting Cristal | Juan Aurich launches official YouTube channel with Horacio Pepa Baldessari as a new image Liga 2 VIDEO

Juan Aurich wants to return to the highest category of professional football. A few days after starting League 2. the ‘Northern Cyclone’ presented its official clothing and announced the launch of its official YouTube channel, with Horacio ‘Pepa’ Baldessari as the main image.

Through a video that was broadcast on the northern team’s social networks, the former striker and idol of Sporting Cristal invited the fans of the Juan Aurich to follow the new ‘Cyclone’ channel. Baldessari will be one of the commentators on the show.

“Fierita will soon celebrate the goals of the ‘cyclone’. I celebrated it like this:” GOOL “, said ‘Pepa’, one of the most beloved characters in Peruvian football and who made history at Sporting Cristal.

Celestial fans were surprised to see ‘Pepa’ as the image of the channel that will launch Juan Aurich. Baldessari declared himself an admirer and fan of Sporting Cristal. In his time as a coach, Horacio directed the ‘Northern Cyclone’ in the 2007 season.

When does Juan Aurich play in League 2?

As recalled, on Tuesday October 27, Juan Aurich will face UniĆ³n Huaral at the San Marcos Stadium. Both teams are favorites to win the League 2 title.

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