[Sport] Saint-Denis FC – AS Capricorne (3-2): Acceleration pays off

The SDFC continues a second success after being led by a Capricorn who lowered his foot in the second half.

Dominique Veilex twists his eyelids in spite. Not so ugly 0-0 obtained against the Tampon, which reflected a beautiful defensive base but a glaring lack in front of the goal, his team will have made the opposite copy, yesterday, with efficiency, but a great defensive feverishness. With, on arrival, a negative difference. “We showed our technical limits”, summarizes the Ravine coach. Physical limits too, surely, if we are to believe the second period when everything fell apart for the visitors when they were leading 2-1.
Quentin Boesso had opened the mark with a beautiful inspiration, a series of chest hits from thirty meters which lobbed Nicolas Chateau (0-1, 4th), diminished by his still painful ankle and which would also give way to Gaël Alamèle at the pause. Saint-Denis, deprived of Yoann Guichard and Joé Damour, had equalized by Grégory Dijoux with the head, on a free kick from Jonathan Alpou (1-1, 22nd). Yapi Mambo, on the lookout for a free kick, had restored the advantage (1-2, 26th).

Bacary-Assoumani, brothers in arms

“The first half was interesting, tactically, we were in place, it was after we retreated too much and lost our ball retention,” Veilex analyzes. Mambo’s injury exit would free the Dionysian hinge from a weight while the decline of Yohan Lauret and Jimmy Devallet in the midfield axis, would allow the SDFC to have total control of operations. Toufeily Bacary, who was already the most prominent in the first period (7th, 8th, 10th) was going to be able to take his ease in the depth. One of his overflows on the left side, punctuated by a cross for his brother, Mohamed Assoumani, brought the balance up to date (2-2, 50th). Assoumani, unhappy during the first 45 minutes, would definitively sign his redemption by being in ambush of a balloon returned by Azaraf Barège, also entered the cages at the break following the release of Tony Pétard, victim of a crutch ( 3-2, 66e).
Capricorn, whose changes will have brought nothing, was going to have a start by Jimmy Devallet but Alamèle saved his own on the action and the corner that followed (69th).
“It’s this kind of match that you have to succeed,” said Fred Bachelier, the Dionysian coach. Mentally, it’s not bad, we played on a field other than ours, we are behind, and we was able to tighten up the group, leave less space and continue to seek speed. “
Beating the promoted entry and a good Capricorn team, the start of the championship is good in Saint-Denis. Even better than Saint-Pierre.

Anthony Robinson


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