[Sport] AF Saint-Louis – Saint-Denis FC: “Not totally satisfied”

Scorer against Sainte-Marie during the resumption, in a late match, striker Sylvain Philéas is still looking for the right fuel under his new colors of AF Saint-Louis. Between his last delicate year at Le Tampon and his smooth debut at Gol, the gold medalist of the JIOI 2019 with the Reunionese selection, is lucid about his performances. But work to regain his rank, at 27 years old.

If you win against Saint-Denis, you will give a helping hand to your old club, Le Tampon! Without regrets not living this wonderful exercise with them?

Sylvain Philéas: “Everything will depend on their result. It works well for them, so much the better, but you should not regret your choices. For now, I have adapted well to AF where I already knew everyone since they are almost all Saint-Louisiens.

Was it important to find a Saint-Louis club?

I started my little career at the Saint-Louisienne and as a Saint-Louisien, obviously, it counts to play for a club in the city, with the enthusiasm of its supporters and finally find the Théophile-Hoarau stadium.

If the Tampon had the means to keep you, would you have stayed?

Yes, even if it is not necessarily a question of means. It was a personal and thoughtful choice. You had to make a decision.

What do you keep from these two seasons in blue?

The best moments, with the coach, the staff, the managers and the municipality who welcomed me. The bad times also counted, because we joined forces to overcome them.

And sportingly?

I will retain the first rather than the second. 2019 was my best season. The rest went less well and it’s nobody’s fault if not mine. I probably rested on my laurels when I was expected. The health crisis did not help either. There was personal work to be done to make it go well. Despite everything, it was humanly a good exercise with great partners.

Today, how is your first part of the season at AF?

Moderately. I cannot be completely satisfied because I only scored two goals. I work to do my best.

Is it because you harvest or because gambling means you are less often seen?

It’s 50 -50. There are the opportunities that I miss for lack of concentration and sometimes you have to adapt to the team and the team to adapt to me. We work the week for that. “



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