Spoorgroep SieMei commemorates 150 years of the German Lijntje (video)

Spoorgroep SieMei commemorates 150 years of the German Lijntje (video)
VEGHEL – A manifestation about 150 years of the German Line took place at the Spoorpark in Veghel on Saturday. The railway line between Boxtel in North Brabant and Wesel in Germany has been extremely important to Veghel. Culture historian André Velthausz told those present about this during a lecture in the nearby Pieter BrueghelHuis.

The volunteers of Spoorgroep SieMei had set up an exhibition in a wagon on the former Veghel emplacement. Our own drivers drove up and down between the Spoorpark and the Vorstenbosscheweg with a locomotive and bulb car. In addition, enthusiasts could use the rail bicycles to ride on the track. A route that, if it is up to board member Henk Engelmoer, will be expanded in the future in the direction of the Middengaal and even further.

Tourist attractive
Henk does not foresee any problems with a possible crossing. “But then there must be a ‘will’ on the part of the government as well as ours”, says Engelmoer. The board member of SieMei sees the railway line as the axis of Meierijstad. “Which is attractive for both residents and tourists,” he says. He continues: “Suppose you are allowed to build a station here one day, then it could be turned into a nice information point”.

In tuxedo on the rail bike
The event was also used to let people who have memories of the German Lijntje tell their story. Like Sjaan Mettler did on Saturday. She has lived all her life in Schijndel along the railway line. Used to wave to the drivers who drove by or even stop to hand out sweets. What Sjaan never forgets is the way in which her daughter was asked to marry her by his fiancée at Schijndel station. Dressed in a tuxedo and pedaling a museum rail bike with a large bunch of roses in his hand. Such a memory of the German Lijntje never fades.

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