Spilamberto. Amazon, parking only in reverse

The arrangement of the company is for all employees of the Rio Secco hub: cars aligned with the “nose” forward

Spilamberto. You can see them from afar, all lined up and with their faces facing the exit, ready to splash home after work. They are the cars of Amazon employees, parked, one might say, in an unorthodox way. How many of us, in fact, enter a comb parking in reverse? It is a question that has always involved all motorists and each has their own school of thought. A scrupulous slice of drivers will certainly have assumed this habit since the time of driving school, but the vast majority of drivers, as can be seen from the supermarket parking lots, are used to entering the spaces outlined at the front, showing the rears of their cars.

But in Amazon, as in other companies, the rule is one and it applies to all: we go in reverse. Because prevention is better than cure. Here, therefore, that one of the protection tools put in place by the large online sales company for its employees is precisely the parking method for those who arrive at the plant for the start of their work shift. Because, as we know, a small gesture for man can be a great solution for the community.

The obligation to park in reverse is not a habit of the management nor an arbitrary decision taken by the top management. It is a rule that Amazon has always imposed. The intent is in fact to favor the departure of workers once their work shift is over, avoiding them risky maneuvers, dictated by fatigue and stress from work. How many times, in fact, to get out of a parking lot, has it happened to swipe the nose of your car against the side of the one next to it or to cause accidents by proceeding, a little blindly, in reverse? And if in itself a maneuver of this type can be difficult, to be carried out with the sole help of the rearview mirrors – these unknowns – here is that Amazon has come up with a simple and congenial solution. Carrying out the maneuver in reverse on arrival at the company allows you to make the most of your concentration, avoiding unnecessary stress at the end of an already tiring shift, only to free the machine and resume the way back. “At Amazon, the health and safety of workers are our priority – explains the company – The introduction of the safety standard relating to the mode of parking in reverse allows us to prevent any accidents due to the visibility of any obstacles or pedestrians. ride. Our safety culture permeates everything we do in the company ».

For this reason, Spilamberto’s employees also apply the protocol: faces forward, facing the exit corridors, perfectly aligned. For the moment, there are no opponents in sight and not even “no-retro-park”, everyone seems to agree with the Amazon philosophy.



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