Spider-Man 2 announced on PS5 in a trailer with Miles Morales … and Venom!

Very renowned studio to which we owe the sagas Ratchet & Clank, Spyro or Resistance, Insomniac Games seduced millions of people in 2018 with their own Spider-Man game, released exclusively for PlayStation 4. A rhythmic, enjoyable adventure with little onions that had found a follow-up with the spin-off dedicated to Miles Morales, last November. The time has now come for a brand new opus.

Peter Parker and Miles Morales, hand in hand

The announcement was made (finally) during the PlayStation Showcase (where news on GTA was given) and turned out to be a highlight of the evening. The game will therefore be soberly titled Spider-Man 2 and will include both Spider-Man and Miles Morales, the young recruit of Peter Talking to the electric powers. The story is announced as particularly “human” and will therefore revolve around these two protagonists, which can certainly be controlled in turn.

A well-known big bad

As a majestic endpoint, the very first trailer ended with the spotlighting ofan iconic supervillain in the “person” of Venom. The symbiote, which will soon be in theaters with a new film including Carnage, will therefore indeed be in this New York journey which promises to be very muscular. In original version, it will be the actor Tony Todd (Candyman) who will lend him his voice.

Sony is announcing that more details regarding the villains, outfits and gameplay will be revealed later. Anyway, we will have to be patient since Spider-Man 2 is due out in 2023 on PlayStation 5 only. Moreover, note that the developers have their work cut out for them since they affirmed, still during the PlayStation Showcase, that a Wolverine title was also in the making. Just that !

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