Spectators are amused by guest judge Smudo

In the second episode of “The Masked Singer” the jury got support from rapper Smudo. But instead of being a great help, the Fanta 4 star caused a lot of laughs.

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The second episode of “The Masked Singer” ran on Tuesday evening. This time Smudo was on the jury next to Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey. The musician should support the two jurors in guessing. However, the 52-year-old was not of great help. But on the contrary.

The Fanta 4 star threw names into the room that no viewer in front of the TV could understand and rather caused confusion. For example, he suspected the 70-year-old actor Georg Preuße in a flamingo costume. According to the rapper Marc Marshall, the son of Tony Marshall, should hide under the monstronaut mask.

On Twitter, the viewers were amused by the rapper’s suggestions. “The chance that Smudo will still tip a deceased person increases every second,” joked one user. Another user suspected: “Smudo is paid for giving wrong tips.”

“I was not paying attention”

But even if the musician was of no help, the guest juror was well received by the audience with his manner. Some even wanted the rapper to have a permanent place on the jury. But he probably sees it a little differently. The 52-year-old didn’t seem to be really interested in his new job at “The Masked Singer”.

For example, when the circumstantial video of the unicorn was played, Smudo said afterwards: “I wasn’t paying attention.” He is paid for guessing, “but not to be careful”. For this statement, the musician was celebrated on the net. “Smudo has to be loved,” wrote one viewer shortly afterwards. “I’m completely with Smudo, I wasn’t listening either,” said another viewer.

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It is not known whether Smudo will sit on the jury again in the coming weeks. Usually, each guest juror is only present once per season. ProSieben only reveals which stars will support Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey in the next episodes shortly before the show.


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