Spectacular cloud of dust after a rock fall next to the Brenner autobahn

Spectacular cloud of dust after a rock fall next to the Brenner autobahn
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Von: Christoph Gschoßmann

A massive rockfall occurred near the Brenner Autobahn. Luckily, no one got hurt. An animal could have been the trigger.

Munich – A huge cloud of dust very close to the Brenner autobahn: in the South Tyrolean lowlands there was a sensational rockfall. Luckily this went off lightly. On Sunday (July 2, 2023) around 10 a.m. near Pfatten (Italian: Vadena) rocks broke loose on the Pfattner walls. With “thundering noise”, like Südtirol News writes, these rushed to the valley. Valdaora is located south of the South Tyrolean capital of Bolzano. The Pfattner Walls in the Birti area, between Laimburg and Carnel,

A rockfall occurred in Pfatten in South Tyrol. © FF Padden

Protective wall catches boulders in South Tyrol – Brenner autobahn not damaged

According to this, the material was caught by a protective wall 25 meters long, only a few stones were thrown into an adjacent orchard. A tree was destroyed. Fortunately, the road leading past and the Brenner motorway, on which millions of tourists travel every year, were not damaged Deutschland above Austria after Italy drive. The volunteer fire brigade of the 1000-strong village of Valdaora was on duty, but there were no injuries. Opposite the newspaper South Tyrol Mayor Elmar Oberhofer was very relieved that the incident went smoothly.

Pfatten/South Tyrol: Did a deer cause the rockfall?

The reasons for the event are still unclear. However, there is one theory: the rockfall in Vadena may have been of animal origin. According to the volunteer fire brigade, a deer could have been the reason why rocks had come loose on the wall. (cgsc)

If you want to take the train to Italy during the summer holidays, you have to be prepared for longer travel times and bus journeys. Because part of the route towards the Brenner Pass is being renovated.

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