Special scoop : Suan Sunandha Security Guard Going international Encourage researchers to submit their work on the world stage

Monday, September 6, 2021, 6:00 a.m.

Associate Professor Dr. Rotjana Chandrasa, Director of Research and Development Institute Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University said that now it has pushed for the preparation. “Project to promote academic works to the national and international stage” since 2016 until now which has the main objective to encourage teachers and researchers of Suan Sunandha Security Guard have developed creative research or invention by giving researchers the opportunity to have a space to show their abilities to Thais and foreigners Build intelligence and innovation in research Academic Services for Local Development to International” that can promote the university’s reputation to be known and accepted internationally. Most importantly, researchers can develop their work to commercial innovation.

From the start of the project to the present Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Can win more than 100 awards, with each entry submitted by a qualified person who has knowledge and competence as a consultant and evaluates the work for researchers who wish to participate in the academic work competition in the forum. national and international Selected from innovative research results that are outstanding and have the potential to build a reputation for the university. Then the Research and Development Institute Encourage researchers to compete in the arena of each country The stage consists of Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Romania and Canada. to exhibit at each stage for the judges But since 2020, with the epidemic situation of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), there has been a change to an online contest format. Each stage has a different presentation style. by submitting the work to the contest It can be a poster presentation or a presentation presentation.

This year, there are works participating in the contest. Total of 29 works. Examples of outstanding works that have won international awards include “Eco-friendly containers from vetiver fibers” won the Gold Medal at the 2020 International Stage. Innovation & Invention
Competition (2020IIIC), Taiwan, “Paper from seaweed in shrimp farm RE-NO-WASTE” received a Gold Medal from the 2020 IIDC Hong Kong International Invention and Design Competition, Hong Kong Island, the People’s Republic of China and the work “Peanut shell Paper” won the Gold Medal at the X European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation: EUROINVENT 2021, Romania.

Assistant Professor Dr. Panu Patanapanitipong Deputy Dean for Planning and Quality Assurance Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Security guard Suan Sunandha said about the work of vetiver fiber containers. From research and development on vetiver handicraft products with vetiver grass handicrafts network in Phayao Province Udon Thani and Surin It was found that vetiver leaves can be used to make many different products. Use technology to help in the processing of vetiver leaves that can be used in a variety of ways. or have the characteristics of higher quality physical properties. until it came out as a plate made from vetiver paper with toughness properties Strong resistance to pulling and tearing. Can be used as a standard food safe container able to answer the problem of conservation and cost-effective use of resources Including getting products that are environmentally friendly to support the trend of conservation of nature among consumers in the current era.

As for Assistant Professor Nopadon Sangwanpetch, Associate Dean for Administration Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Security guard Suan Sunandha said that the idea of ​​designing the work “Paper from seaweed in shrimp farms” is the use of natural resources for maximum benefit. Because algae in the shrimp farm that the villagers call seaweed (Weeds arising from the shrimp farming process) fiber-like characteristics, tough, shiny, light green color, but if there is too much algae will spoil the water. Shrimp farmers scoop algae from the pond and discard it, causing a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, it is an idea to develop algae in shrimp farms as materials or products that can add value to farmers. By analyzing both the algae characteristics and the community environment. found that the privatization was suitable It should be processed into mulberry paper from algae in shrimp farms.

Assistant Professor Dr. Ekapong Inkua, Dean of Fine and Applied Arts Suan Sunandha Security Guard Refers to the paper from the nut shell that Ideas for designing paper works from nut shells. Starting from wanting to add value to agricultural waste with simple technology. It’s not complicated and the community can produce it themselves. All activities the villagers can do and produce products that are suitable for the market demand. The interesting point is to create a texture of paper from nut shells. which is usually not popular to be processed into products Most are found in the use of fertilizers. Peanut shell paper is interesting in and of itself.

In the production process, it is possible to use a simple process, that is, making mulberry paper. But we have a special recipe in the proportion and preparation of the nut shell initially. Corncobs, which have a fairly high fiber content, are also included in the right ratio to produce paper with a nice texture and add value to the husks. At the heart of this type of design is a clear goal of adding value to agricultural waste. Thailand also has a large number of agricultural products. If adding value to these leftovers will bring enormous benefits.


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