Spartak – Pari NN – 5:4, video, goals by Prutsev, Melyoshin, Ignatov, Promes, match review, August 8, 2023, Russian Cup

Spartak – Pari NN – 5:4, video, goals by Prutsev, Melyoshin, Ignatov, Promes, match review, August 8, 2023, Russian Cup

This match was issued by Spartak and Pari NN! It’s just a pleasure, after which you don’t want to talk about the balance in the game and the mistakes of the defense, but just wait as soon as possible for the next show performed by the teams. In terms of emotions, plot and beauty, this was the top game for Russian football.

Guillermo Abascal and Sergei Yuran approached the choice of squad for the cup match differently. From the last round of the RPL, only Khlusevich remained at the base of Spartak, and Pari NN retained most of the starting lineup. However, the red-and-whites are playing the next match in the Russian championship on Friday, so the logic of the Spanish coach is understandable.

Sobolev is very useful even without goals scored:

Sobolev scored on the judges and drags Spartak without goals.  In the role of

Sobolev scored on the judges and drags Spartak without goals. In the role of “false nine” he is beautiful

Despite the fact that they played with the second squad, Spartak again liked it very much in attack. Abascal’s team combined a lot and beautifully, easily creating moment after moment. So the balls flew into the gates of Botnari one after another. The newcomer Medina, who also sparkled in Kazan, looked great. Jesus was located on the right, but was not tied to the flank and often moved to the center. Already in the ninth minute, the Paraguayan took part in Spartak’s goal, deploying an attack with a pass to the left. And then everything was performed by Klassen – cool!

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The second goal “Spartak” scored as a result of an already branded attack under Abascal. Due to the combination “half-flank – flank-half-flank”, the red-whites opened the defense of “Pari NN”, and Prutsev converted Ignatov’s pass.

But how good Spartak was in attack, just as fragile in defense. In the first half, Pari NN could score no less than the hosts. The guests almost took the lead already at the 23rd second, and then there was the “bringing” of goalkeeper Svinov when playing the ball under pressure, and the crossbar from Stotsky, and, possibly, the penalty kick missed by the judges for a foul on Kakkoev, and other moments. Only Suleymanov scored at the end of half an hour of the game – Khlusevich once again failed in defense (now on the standard).

The third goal of Spartak could have been scored by Medina – after his free-kick, the ball hit the post. Goalkeeper Botnari played strangely, taking his hands off the ball: he seemed to have lost the gate. The Spartak players converted the corner kick like “Pari NN”. Chernov’s heel pass is not a show-off, but a wonderful solution in the absence of time and space. Then Melyoshin pushed Mayga on the goal line. True, it was not without luck: a successful rebound from Suleymanov’s head turned out.

The first half seemed like something crazy, but against the backdrop of what happened in the second half, this was just a warm-up. The obvious is incredible! After the break, Spartak did not seem to take the field. “Pari NN” again created a scoring chance in the first attack and scored this time. Abaskal’s team was worth a missed goal by an unsuccessful discount in the fight from Umyarov – Sevikyan scored with a shot from outside the penalty area. Svinov reached for the ball, but not for the save.

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Four minutes later, Spartak again lost the standard at their gates. Abascal needs to do something about this problem. Duarte and Klassen lost in martial arts to Gotsuk and Alexandrov – that’s how easily the red-whites lost their advantage.

And then there was a completely unique case for Russian football. Spartak went on a counterattack after a free kick from Pari NN, Medina dragged Essien, who made his debut for Nizhny Novgorod, and Zinkovsky scored a chic goal. But VAR canceled it, and Spartak got an own penalty! The replay showed that on a free kick Khlusevich played with his hand in his own penalty area. The fans were indignant, they remembered all the relatives of the judge Tsyganok, nevertheless, the 11-meter one really was. An unfortunate set of circumstances. Suleymanov from the “point” designed a double.

In the end, Spartak pressed with terrible force – this match was worth two or three in terms of emotions. The debuts of two more newcomers took place: Ryabchuk with the hosts and Ze Turbo with the guests. The left-back of the red-whites added fire on his flank. Abascal’s team created enough chances to save themselves from defeat and win. But the ball suddenly forgot its way into the goal, did not want to fly into the net. Pari NN held out until the 80th minute. And there, the most powerful weapon of Spartak fired: fresh Promes moved deep to the flank and from there cut out the pass of Ignatov, who broke into the free zone through the half-flank. Even the powerful Gotsuk did not move him away from the ball.

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“Paris NN” remained quite a bit to hold out until the penalty shootout. Counterattacks didn’t work anymore – Ze Turbo lost balls, lost martial arts, acted out of place. However, in the 89th minute, tired of this dizzying game and his dash to attack, Gotsuk made a decisive mistake. I just gave the ball to Promes at my goal. Quincy masterfully solved the episode.

There will hardly be anything more amazing in this Cup of Russia than the match between Spartak and Pari NN. The Red and Whites landed 22 shots, scored five goals and took their second win in the group stage. Pari NN have two points left.


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