Spana in bosstrider also co-op in new Lords of the Fallen video

Spana in bosstrider also co-op in new Lords of the Fallen video

As well as magics, environmental variation and the parallel worlds.

This autumn we will go to Mournstead and The Lords of the Fallen, which is the sequel to the Souls-like game of the same name. Funnily enough, Xbox and developer Hexworks have shared an 18-minute gameplay walkthrough that explains some of the various concepts in the game.

It begins with a boss battle where the player is soon defeated, but that is not the end of the round. When you die the first time, you are taken to the second of the game’s two parallel worlds, which means you get a second chance – a bit like in An axe.

If you want to return from the “world of the dead”, you have to find a “vestige”, which is the game’s equivalent of the bonfires of the Souls games. However, it may be worth lingering in the world of the dead, even though it is slightly riskier to venture there. The two worlds have different open paths to take, secrets and enemies. If you are in the world of the living, you can also use your lantern to look into the other world to see if there is anything exciting there.

Furthermore, the game supports co-op, and a friend or random stranger can join one’s adventure at a vestige. After that, the companion hangs out for as long as they both want – no restrictions like those found in the Ring of Fire.

Lords of the Fallen released on October 13 on PC, Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 5.

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