S&P launches 2 new flavors of mooncakes, adjusting strategies to fight COVID-19

S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited launches “S&P Mooncake 2021” under the concept “Gift from the moon” to give good things Instead of love and concern through S&P mooncakes, various flavors At the same time, it has launched two new flavors of mooncakes: mooncakes filled with Mon Thong Goose Salted Egg Lava. and mooncakes stuffed with imperial pork with XO sauce This year the company Focus on selling mooncakes through delivery channels and join hands with partners to provide mooncake delivery service nationwide for the first time Ready to carry the widest range of mooncakes at the ‘Full S&P Flea Market’

^ Prakunhangsit, Chief Operating Officer of S&P Business, S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited, said about the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, “S&P is the leader in the mooncake market. We offer mooncakes in a variety of flavors, up to 14 flavors (19 fillings). The company continues to research and develop new products every year. For this year launched a new mooncake filling. “Moon Thong Mooncakes with Salted Egg Yolk Lava” and “Moon Cakes with XO Sauce Pork” to provide more choices for consumers. and creating a novelty for the mooncake market. However, S&P continues to improve the quality of mooncakes with popular fillings such as Pure Mon Thong / Egg1 / Egg2, Monthong Macadamia Filling. Vegetarian Pillow, Pure Ngow Ying Filling / Egg1 / Egg2 Black Sesame Filling, Pure Lotus Filling / Egg1, Lotus Macadamia Filling, Egg, Eight Sian Filling, Date Palm Grains Bua Thong Salted Egg Lava Filling There are also colorful shell mooncakes that create a new twist, including matcha, green tea, red bean filling. Orange Chocolate Lava Filling Suitable for the new generation through a standardized production process So you can be confident that our products are clean, safe and ready to deliver good wishes to your loved ones with peace of mind.

For this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival marketing strategy, the company focuses on selling mooncakes through delivery channels. under the following strategies 1. Launching two new flavors of mooncakes, “Moonthong Mooncakes, Goji Salted Egg Yolk Lava” and “Mooncakes with XO Sauce Pork Imperial”, ready to open PRE-SALE, 20% discount when customers pre-order mooncakes. 4 or more pieces from today – 15 September 2021 via www.snp1344.com, application 1344 and call center 2. Promote S&P Mooncake Merketplace, carrying the most variety and variety of mooncakes in Thailand, collected at the flea market. Full S&P at the point of sale of 130 S&P stores nationwide. in order for customers to choose products with convenience and satisfaction. 3. Collaborate with corporate partners such as SCB Bank, KTC, BBL, Krungsri, mobile network AIS, TRUE, Dtac, including selling products through channels. E-commerce through LAZADA, Shopee is also available at approximately 30 Tops Supermarket and Tesco Lotus, which increases the distribution channel of S&P mooncakes 4. Expanding the delivery area of ​​mooncakes to cover the country by A S&P has partnered with partners such as GrabFood, Line Man, Foodpanda, 1112Delivery and delivery services by leading transport companies. To provide mooncake delivery service to customers’ homes nationwide for the first time This will increase convenience and meet the needs of today’s consumers. for communication strategies and public relations media Create awareness through television media, online media, LED Screen media, as well as public relations media at the selling point of S&P stores by focusing on expanding new customer base to attract mooncakes. and still maintain the same customer base under the concept “Moon Gift”, which is like mooncakes, S&P represents giving. And it is a precious gift in lieu of the love and care we have for each other during this important festival.”

In terms of packaging design for mooncakes, S&P continues to symbolize auspiciousness by using the image of a Chinese woman representing the goddess of the moon. Wearing traditional Chinese ornaments decorated with auspicious flowers, such as peonies, representing wealth, good fortune, and orange orchids. symbol of courage white orchid A symbol of elegance, respect and humility. Including a butterfly, which is an auspicious animal. Instead of symbols of love and pink stones, symbols of happiness and fortune, S&P still pays attention to the environment. by designing packaging made from recycled paper which promotes the best use of existing resources
For this year, S&P also sells a special set of mooncakes! 5 sets, 4 pieces per set, including “Wealth Set” consisting of mooncakes stuffed with emperor pork with XO sauce. Bua Thong Salted Egg Lava Filling Mon Thong Egg 1 and Nguying Egg 1, priced at 483 baht, “Mung Mee Set” consists of moon cakes stuffed with Mon Thong Goose, salted egg lava, lotus egg 1 filling, and pure Mon Thong fillings. Price 464 baht “Mongkhon Thong Monk Set” consists of moon cakes filled with golden pillows. 2 pieces of Pillow Thong Khai 1 and Pillow Thong Khai 2, priced at 500 baht. The “Fortune Set” consists of mooncakes filled with Nguying Egg1. Mon Thong Khai 1, Bua Khai 1 and Eight Sian filling, priced at 470 baht, and “Bua Nam Chok Set” consisting of mooncakes with pure lotus filling, Bua Khai 1 filling, Bua Thong filling with egg macadamia 1 and stuffed lotus gold salted egg lava, price 443 baht, special! For S&P Joy Card members, receive a 20% discount when purchasing mooncakes. And for general customers, receive a 20% discount every Wednesday throughout this Mid-Autumn Festival.



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