Sophie Rohonyi’s first steps as CFFB president spark debate

In the interview at Freeshe makes it clear that the patriarchy n’has nothing to do with of Sarah’s resignation slot. It’s to cry. We all know that women politicians are not treated like politicians…“, precisedoes she. Icing on the cake: she is presented as a federal deputy and president of the CFFB at the beginning of the interview in Free.CIt is in this capacity, too, that she was solicited by this mediaobserve a woman who works in a CFFB member association.

It’s not clear: is she speaking as president of the CFFB, without our having been able to develop a common position, or as as a federal deputy?

But throughout the article, she talks about her position, or that of her party. It’s a funny mix of genres. There are all the same nuggets in this article, phrases which stick in my throat. These are not things to say when representing a common position, which should bring together many others associations. My association, for example, spoke out in support of Sarah slot. This raises questionsespecially since the CFFB is a signatory to the open letter of feminist associations which highlights the fact that Sarah slot has been attacked for what it represents. We should decide. There are mixed signals from the CFFB at the moment.

The CFFB a, speak passé, crossed a large area of ​​turbulencewith the departure Of 6 feminist associations in 2019 because of the difficulties in bring out a consensus. Dominique Deshayes dread today what ces associations it is wish more to come back within the cupola.

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If no official arrest did not take place internally in the face of these disagreementsdit mails, which we were able to learn, ont GOOD summer escapednvoice between the members of the administrative body. “It set fire with powderscar Sophie Rohonyi did not reagi to this email“, We have we entrusted. We have Besides solicited Sophie Rohonyi, Many timeswho could not answer our questions.

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2023-05-08 12:10:59


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