Sophie Mnner is the new chairwoman – Freiburg

Musikverein Zhringen chose the board and drew a corona balance sheet.

The Musikverein Zhringen has elected a new board at its general meeting. Sophie Mnner replaces Holger Kriwett as chairwoman. In addition, a balance was drawn after more than a year of Corona and the associated restrictions. But now they hope for normalization and opportunities to perform again at least in 2022, the association announced.

The first lockdown from March 2020 meant a sudden stop for club life. You could no longer make music together, appearances and concerts were canceled. After a brief resumption of rehearsals in late summer 2020, there was another lockdown in November, rehearsals could only be resumed in early summer 2021 – in compliance with the applicable regulations. Concerts with a total line-up of more than 50 musicians would no longer be possible this year, according to the association.

Thanks to a fundraising campaign in autumn 2020, the music association was always able to meet its spending obligations – even without the lack of income. A big thank you goes to the people of Zhringen and Herderm for this. 1000 euros in funding from the Sparkasse Freiburg-Nrdlicher Breisgau also made it possible to keep the association alive.

The Musikverein Zhringen currently has four orchestras: In addition to the large symphonic wind orchestra, there is a young orchestra, the big band “Big Z” and the entertainment orchestra “Symbadisch Zhringen” with folk and pop music.

After the compulsory break, a new board of directors, which was elected in the assembly, is now going on. Sophie Mnner was unanimously elected as chairperson and Annalena Wirthenson as deputy.

The members present thanked the former board member Holger Kriwett, who successfully led the association through the crisis year for his work over the past four years. After more than 15 years, Lydia Keil gave up the position of youth warden. She was also thanked for her long-term commitment.

The focus of the newly formed executive board with a total of twelve members is now on the search for possible appearances in order to show the Zhringen and Herdermer population more strongly – not least as thanks for their support.
Election results: Chairwoman Sophie Mnner (for Holger Kriwett), deputy Annalena Wirthensohn (for Sophie Mnner), computer Jrg Braunschweiger, secretary Michaele Lutz, organizational officer Beatrix Mnner, assessors: Silke Mauro-Van der Locht, Anette Weigold, Lydia Keil, Max. Buerle, Sebastian Hoch Buerle , Holger Kriwett and Lukas Zell (the mter youth manager and sheet music manager are currently vacant).
Number of members: a total of around 80 active members in the four ensembles (some in parallel in several).
Contact:, [email protected].

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