Soon the end of Miss France? Geneviève de Fontenay’s granddaughter, Adèle, confides

A face to remember … At just 25 years old, Adele de Fontenay would have everything to follow in the footsteps of his grandmother, Geneviève de Fontenay. However, the young model has other plans. Back from Thailand after the shooting of a luxury campaign with the couturier Christophe Guillarmé, she put her busy schedule on hiatus to indulge in a few confidences during an interview with Current wife. A year after the controversy caused by her comments on Marine Le Pen, Adèle de Fontenay has not been idle. Photo shoot, climb the stairs in Cannes, prepare a book … nothing could stop this fashion enthusiast who put her studies on hold to parade to the four corners of the world. Asked about the Miss France competition, often accused of cultivating sexist clichés, Adèle de Fontenay answered frankly.

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Current Woman: You completed your studies last year. What have you been doing since?

Adèle de Fontenay: I finished my studies before the first confinement. It was a bad time to look for work, and since I was already doing a bit of modeling, I got back into it. I was in contact with a French designer, Christophe Guillarmé, which allowed us to go to Thailand to carry out a great project. We left with my little sister, Agathe, as part of a “Fam Trip” to promote the new protocol put in place by Thailand to develop tourism. We took wonderful photos on site with the sublime dresses of Christophe Guillarmé, it was really incredible.

Have you always been drawn to fame?

A.d.F. : When I was little, I handed over the Miss France crown, I saw my grandmother absolutely everywhere… For me, it was part of my life. This kind of excitement that I experienced with my grandmother will always be anchored in me. I feel in my element. And then, it reminds me of very beautiful memories! My grandmother dragged me everywhere, I knew everyone, the Misses were like my big sisters. It’s something I’m comfortable with. I don’t see myself in an office life!

Which women have served as examples to you?

A.d.F. : My grandmother has always been an example for me. She gave me, and still gives me today, a lot of advice. She’s like my coach! She doesn’t let me go (laughs) She tries to introduce me to as many people as possible, she has always been very involved. Always.

“Since she turned 80, my grandmother no longer wants to celebrate her birthday”

How is your grandmother Geneviève de Fontenay?

A.d.F. : She’s very well ! Only, it becomes complicated with the health pass because my grandmother refuses to be vaccinated. We’ve tried everything, there’s nothing to do, she won’t change her mind. She is stubborn, when she has an idea, it’s hard to make her change her mind. Otherwise, she’s in good shape. She just celebrated her 89th birthday.

Did you celebrate this event with your family?

A.d.F. : No, because she refuses to celebrate her birthday. Since she turned 80, she no longer wants to be celebrated because she does not understand that we celebrate the fact that she is one year younger in her life! (laughs) So, we celebrate it on Saint Geneviève’s Day, January 5. And it’s like the vaccine, she doesn’t give up!

Is she nostalgic for her Miss France era?

A.d.F. : She will never turn the page. She turned it around in the sense that she knows it’s in the past and she made that choice to quit but it’s still her baby. She has no regrets but this contest will always be a big part of her life. And then, she follows all the news Miss France, she learns about everything that is happening. She’s really hooked on it. It’s like her third child. Unfortunately, she did not stay on good terms with Sylvie Tellier and Endemol … This is something that pained her a lot.

“Beauty pageants are not a very healthy thing”

Miss France is often accused of cultivating sexist clichés. What do you think ?

A.d.F. : I quite agree. I think beauty pageants don’t have to be very healthy. At the time, it was because it was a regional competition, to promote France … Now it has become purely physical, it’s a Miss France fashion show. There is no longer really a search for costumes, etc. If we look closely, this is something that is gradually fading in all countries. In France, it is still successful but in view of the evolution of society, it tends to die out, I think.

When you were a teenager, was it not too crippling to be Geneviève de Fontenay’s granddaughter?

A.d.F. : When I was in middle school and high school, it wasn’t always easy. My grandmother has a pretty divisive personality, you either love her or hate her. Children are not tender so I received a lot of criticism. I was touched when she was criticized in front of me. Today, I learned to overcome it and I understood that you cannot please everyone. But generally people like it a lot! And then, for me, Geneviève de Fontenay, it is not the lady with the hat… it is my grandmother above all. If people don’t understand her, I know her background, I know who she is.

“I have no interest in disappointing her!”

What role does it play in your career?

A.d.F. : She follows my career very closely, she is very interested in it. If I do something she doesn’t like, she says it, she doesn’t keep it to herself. I have no interest in disappointing her! She is always there to guide and advise me.

What are your projects ?

A.d.F. : I’m fully into my modeling career but I would love to work in television. I think about it more and more… The fact of having seen my father and my grandmother in this universe since I was little gives me the impression that I have already been trained! This is something that makes me very envious. I also have a project for a book in homage to my grandmother, which would bring together lots of archive photos that I found at her house. Unpublished photos that we have never seen. I would like to share this with his audience. When I told her about this project, she was very moved …

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