Sony’s new PS5 handheld appears in a video and shows itself from all sides

Sony’s new PS5 handheld appears in a video and shows itself from all sides

Sony’s Project Q has been spotted in the wild for the first time. (Image: Sony)

Sony’s PlayStation handheld is official and is expected to launch by 2024. The announcement of the mobile game console didn’t exactly cause a standing ovation, as with our author Jan, who finds clear words for Project Q:

Sony actually launches new PlayStation handheld – Success depends on one factor

Images are now appearing on Twitter showing the handheld in an early stage of development. Leaker ZubyTech also shared a video showing the handheld’s operating system.

PlayStation Project Q seems to run on Android

The 28-second video shows the upcoming handheld in an early stage of development. The video gives a brief look at the 8-inch display and the front and back of the device. The OS is apparently based on Google’s Android operating system.

You can take a closer look at the video at the following Twitter link:

PlayStation Project Q Leaks:#PlayStation #ProjectQ

— @Zuby_Tech (@Zuby_Tech) July 22, 2023

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An official release date for Sony’s new prank is still pending. The device is said to be on retail shelves by 2023.

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Those hoping for a revival of the old PSP and PS Vita days will be disappointed, however. Project Q will be a cloud streaming platform, which means the PlayStation 5’s remote play feature will be used to stream game content to the handheld.

So the games don’t play natively on the device, which means you’ll have to keep the PlayStation 5 running in parallel while comfortably gaming on the handheld’s 8-inch display.

You always waited for this kind of handheld? Colleague Jan Stahnke tested an alternative that already works pretty well, but read for yourself:

Sony Project Q will probably be available as a streaming handheld by 2024. We’ll find out what the portable console is actually capable of in the future. What do you think of Sony’s new prank so far? Are you interested and don’t you care about (streaming) handhelds anyway? What does the console have to do to convince you? Feel free to write it below in the comments!


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