Sonia Bruganelli, with Magalli: “She wanted her share of visibility”

Sonia Bruganelli launched a broadside at Giancarlo Magalli’s address, stating that he “wanted his share of visibility”

In the ongoing dispute between the Volpe and Bruganelli a new chapter has opened, this time with the intervention of a third character. Of course we are talking about Giancarlo Magalli, who some time ago was immortalized in a selfie with Paolo Bonolis’ wife.

Sonia Bruganelli (Instagram)

The shot infuriated Adriana, who for her part felt provoked, despite her various attempts to forge a bond with the other commentator of the Big Brother Vip, but apparently obtaining very poor results, given that the controversy shows no sign of extinguishing.

During the episode both try to maintain a professional profile, however from time to time they do not fail to throw a few digs at each other. For the moment Alfonso Signorini, host of the reality show by Mediaset, seems to be able to not make the story degenerate, even if the two women with strong personalities are not willing to end it here.

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The broadside of Sonia Bruganelli

As already mentioned above, while the Fox tries to somehow placate the spirits, Sonia does not seem to want to know, so much so that recently she has further increased the dose. This time, however, it was the same to end up under his gun Magalli, guilty of having made some statements to the microphones of “Very true” that she didn’t like them at all.

According to Giancarlo, in fact, Bruganelli would have published the now famous selfie only to annoy her colleague: “The intent was clear: for her to see her and take it out on Sonia taking a picture of someone she has made her worst enemy. I have not done anything”.

Sonia Bruganelli and Giancarlo Magalli (Instagram)

The wife of Paolo Bonolis replied to these words of the historic Rai presenter, who, as usual, proved not to have mince words, especially when called into question in the first person: “Actually he had the intent of a provocation. Evidently he too wanted his share of visibility and I see he got it, he got to Verissimo and I don’t think he was interviewed recently … “, this was the jab that Sonia sent to Magalli’s address, which for the moment has not yet replied.


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