Son of “Goodbye Germany” star moves back to Germany

Son of “Goodbye Germany” star moves back to Germany
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The son of “Goodbye Germany” emigrants Stefanie and Christian did not get along with the rough nature of his teachers in Italy. Now he lives in Germany again – without his parents.

Update 4. Juni 2023: There is a big update from the Fachin family. As the “Goodbye Germany” stars announce in an Instagram video, Lucas is now back in Germany with his grandparents. “Mum commutes from Italy to Germany to help me a bit with school,” says Lucas. He simply feels more comfortable in Germany and things are going uphill again at school. “I’m also happy that I can now do a lot with my friends again,” he continues.

For Christian and Stefanie, “it’s a tough thing,” as she says. “We have to commute quite a bit. Christian and I are often separated. It’s a situation we have to get used to. (…) We’ll manage it,” the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant looks positively to the future. “We’ll rock it together,” Christian is sure.

First report from June 1, 2023: Sicily – So much for “La Bella Vita”: The Fachin family’s “Goodbye Germany” dream is beginning to turn into a nightmare. In Sicily, there are not only problems with her house, her son Lucas (11) is also becoming homesick. The transition is particularly difficult for him. Not only does he not understand the language and has no friends, but the teachers at school are mean to him.

Foreign language, no friends: the son of “Goodbye Germany” emigrants feels uncomfortable in Sicily

Christian (46) and Stefanie (41) are not only struggling with the half-finished house. Lucas’ initial enthusiasm for moving has already evaporated and the 11-year-old is now plagued by homesickness. The adjustment at the Italian school is also difficult for him. “Yesterday when I picked him up from school, he cried and said: That’s all stupid,” says Mama Stefanie.

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“I can understand that the situation is not easy for him. First of all, it’s a foreign language, he has to make friends, then the mentality is completely different,” says the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant. Lucas seems to have the biggest problem with the mentality of the Italian teachers. “The teachers are mean,” reports the 11-year-old.

Separation, bankruptcy, strokes of fate at Goodbye Germany: These emigrants failed mercilessly

Leaving Germany and building a new future abroad. That’s the dream of many on the VOX show “Goodbye Germany”. With these TV emigrants, however, he failed mercilessly.

“He cried”: Son of “Goodbye Germany” emigrants scared because of bad teachers

“It’s like that at school … in Germany the children get a little bit of respect. Here, the children are not allowed to get any respect from the teachers,” says Lucas. With glazed eyes, he promptly gives an example: “If the teachers are talking now and you interrupt, you will be yelled at as if a child in Germany had been beaten up.”

Stefanie and Christian are also affected by the fact that their child suffers so much. How long can you expect your child to be? But they don’t want to give up their dream of Sicily just yet. “We’ll manage that,” the family man is certain and wipes the tears from his wife’s cheeks. Lucas is making an effort and wants to get used to the new situation in Sicily. But the 11-year-old lost courage.

“Goodbye Germany” emigrants Stefanie and Christian Fachin hug – she wipes a tear from her face. Close-up of son Lucas. (Photomontage) © VOX/Goodbye Germany Episode 14 from June 2, 2023

“I wanted to go back to Germany. I would have gotten on the plane alone,” he admits. His parents hope that he will settle down in the next few weeks. If not, there is only one solution for Stefanie: “I would also get on the plane with him and fly back to Germany”. Does the dream in Sicily burst before it really begins?

Son Lucas of
Son Lucas of “Goodbye Germany” emigrants Stefanie and Christian Fachin is not happy in Sicily. © VOX/Goodbye Germany Episode 14 from June 2, 2023

No, because after two months he has settled in well and even made new friends. But he still hasn’t gotten used to the rough tone in the classroom. But he understood that the volume of the teachers has nothing to do with him. He will repeat the school year. So he can learn the language without missing the school material.

Speaking of “Goodbye Germany”: emigrant Ulrike and her Zimsel want to get married. But because the pandemic has burned quite a hole in their wallets, the budget for the dream wedding is very tight. Sources used: VOX/Goodbye Germany Episode 14 from June 2, 2023


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