Something is Happening AUTOEDIT

Something is happening. The love for paper, for the body to body with the object, for the search for new spaces for the author, for the self-management of the creative act is producing an artistic scene that moves away from the usual channels of the art system. Do you want to know more about them and them? Directed by Luis Azanza and produced by the Huarte Center, Something is happening is a short documentary in which, based on the voices of some of the protagonists of the Autoedit exhibition, we can peek into the world of desktop publishing. Learn about the experience of Juan Pablo Huércanos, Do the Print, BSide Books, Papermind, Lentejas Press, El Diluvio Universal, La Comunidad, Julián Barón, Pan de Molde, Miren Pastor, Lindero Libros, Mooooon Publishing, Sándwich Mixto, TD Papeles, Fanzine F, Tuesday Editions, among others.


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