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When Goro Inogashira gets off at Edogawabashi, he heads for the Goban store. The owner of the Goban store, who learned that Goro was single during the business talks, recommended a matchmaking one after another, and the story did not go well. Goro leaves the store to escape, but walks to Kagurazaka, but finds a shopping street on the way and stops by. Goro, who bought a rice cracker there, wanted to eat Japanese food and continued his walk. Then, I found a restaurant run by a fish shop.



  • [Original]”Gourmet of loneliness” Written by Masayuki Kusumi, illustrated by Jiro Taniguchi (published by Fusosha Publishing)
  • [Screenplay]Yoshihiro Taguchi
  • [Director]Kenji Mizoguchi, Tadaaki Horai, Takashi Ikawa
  • [Music]Masayuki Kusumi
  • The Screen Tones: Masayuki Kusumi, Satoshi Fukumura, Fumihiko Kono, Shake, Ken Kuriki, Takahiro Toda
  • Title sequence “Lonely Tundra” Composition: Masayuki Kusumi Song / Performance: The Screen Tones
  • Matsushige “Goro” Yutaka’s Theme “STAY ALONE” Composition: Kuzumi / Fukumura

(C) 2013 Masayuki Kusumi, Jiro Taniguchi, Fusosha Publishing / TV TOKYO


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