Solidarity Loan | How many times can you request the credit ?: Know the amounts and if you get the benefit


A new application process for credit for the middle class has already begun.


Solidarity Loan 2021 (Photo: Agencia Uno)

Yesterday a new application process began for the Solidarity Loan, a profit destined to middle-class individual workers or entrepreneurs who presented a decrease in their income, as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.

It is a credit, available until October of this year, which allows cover up to 100% of the drop in income, with a ceiling of $ 650,000 per month and that it will be returned in four annual and successive installments, without penalties or interest.

How many times can you request the Solidarity Loan?

The Solidarity Loan can be requested twice and up to three, in the case of people who were not benefited with the Middle Class Bonus.

Considering that the benefit is only valid until October, There are only two times to request it: this month and the next.

Who can apply for the benefit?

The following people may receive the Solidarity Loan:

– Dependent and independent workers and individual entrepreneurs, who have experienced a decrease of at least 10% in their formal income.

– Old-age pensioners and life annuity disability with an amount equal to or less than $ 408,125, who may request it up to three times with an amount that will be, at most, the same that they receive monthly as a pension.

– In the case of public officials, their average annualized income will be considered to estimate its fall.

How to apply?

The credit application is made in the website of the Internal Revenue Service (SII), which you can access directly HERE.

To apply you must enter with SII Tax Code or with Unique Code.

When do they pay?

The General Treasury of the Republic will have a within 10 business days to make the payment, according to the data indicated by the beneficiary, counted from the date of the request.


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