Soldiers of the tank crew “Alyosha” will receive the title of Hero of Russia [видео]

Soldiers of the tank crew “Alyosha” will receive the title of Hero of Russia [видео]

News | 05 08 2023, 19:23 | SeverPost

Video: RT

The tankers of the Alyosha crew who repelled the attack of the AFU column will receive the title of Hero of Russia. Tankers destroyed two tanks and six armored personnel carriers.

The crew commander, senior lieutenant Rasim Baksikov, lieutenant Alexander Levakov and gunner-operator Alexei Neustroev will receive the awards, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

In June, during the battle, the Alyosha tank single-handedly destroyed eight units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine within an hour – two T-72B tanks, an M113 armored personnel carrier and five American-made MaxxPro armored personnel carriers along with the landing force.

After that, for about 40 minutes, the tank crew covered the motorized rifle units. Only when the combat vehicle ran out of ammunition, the crew commander Rasim Baksikov decided to go to reload, and another tank was sent to the battlefield.

The tank that replaced it fired three shots at the advancing infantry, then received damage from artillery fire.

The crew of the tank “Alyosha” evacuated the damaged tank under the incessant shelling of the enemy. Thanks to the decisive actions of the military, the crew of the wrecked tank was saved.

In addition to the destroyed equipment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost more than 100 people killed and wounded in that battle, the Ministry of Defense reported.

Recall that Putin signed the law on promotion draft age.

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