Soldier returns home and finds his dog: the video has gone around the web

Soldier returns home and finds his dog: the video has gone around the web

The soldier returns home after being on a mission, the dog’s reaction is really moving, they are very sweet images: the video

The protagonists of this extraordinary story are a soldier and his dog. A soldier that he probably had to be away from home for a long time, when he got home he received the reaction of his dog which was very tender.

Soldier returns home, his dog’s reaction is exciting (Screen video Tiktok @dog_jordan_wolf) –

The animal could not contain his emotion at seeing his master again. The hug between dog and owner it’s a wonderful thing and the movie went viral in a short time also because it’s really very exciting.

Soldier returns home after a while, the dog reacts like this: the video

When the master soldier has returned home after time his dog probably couldn’t believe it. He was so excited that the reaction was really moving.

He didn’t immediately run to his master, he stood still for a few seconds watching him from a distance and wagging his tail. Then he hid, as can be seen from the video – published at the bottom of the article – behind a table almost as if he were embarrassed. The owner called him several times.

As soon as he took courage and immediately ran to him with his head bowed from emotion. Then he couldn’t hold back his joy and started making lots of parties for the soldier, kissing him on the face and playing with him. The images in the video are really moving.

soldier comes home dog reaction
Soldier returns home, his dog’s reaction is exciting (Screen video Tiktok @dog_jordan_wolf) –

The movie proves the deep connection between a dog and its ownerthe lack the animal feels when it doesn’t see it for a long time and the irrepressible joy it feels when it meets it again.

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The video quickly went viral as a symbol of the relationship of trust between a dog and its owner. What was surprising was the initial hesitation of the big dog that he was too excited to approach, that was where he looked at his master almost as if he didn’t believe it was true.

For his part, the master had the joy that shone from his eyes. He too felt a very strong emotion when he hugged his puppy again. They are moving and sweet images. The big dog was so happy at the end that he literally jumped on his master, who in the meantime had sat down on the ground to greet him better.

@dog_jordan_wolf come home ❤️❤️❤️ . . . #cominghome #surprise #doglover #military ♬ original sound – dog_jordan_wolf

The harmony between owner and dog is very strong, it must not have been easy for both to remain separated for such a long period. But the joy of meeting each other it was such that it erased all the previous lack exactly like the joy they felt two mares friends who have found each other after being away.


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