Sold on return: Emerson disappointed with Barca

FC Barcelona gave up three players on Deadline Day. Antoine Griezmann switched to Atletico Madrid on loan, Ilaix Moriba went to RB Leipzig. The strangest case was probably Emerson Royal. The full-back made the second move this summer.

Just two months ago, Barca had brought the Brazilian to the Camp Nou through a buyback option from Real Betis. For the 22-year-old, the dream of playing for the ex-club of his compatriots Ronaldinho, Dani Alves or Neymar should come true. In fact, Emerson was also used in all three La Liga games of the new season before the move to Tottenham Hotspur resulted.

“The manners hurt me”

“When I came, I was convinced that Barcelona didn’t just want to sell me. But in retrospect it is obvious that they already had the idea in mind when they got me back,” said Emerson Mark. The two-time international would have expected a different business approach from a world club like Barca. “I wouldn’t say they used me. But the manners hurt me. That could have been dealt with better.”

“Put in front of the door with nice words”

Those responsible said in talks that the club was looking to sell to the Spurs due to its financial problems. At that point there was apparently no contact between the Londoners and Emerson himself. “They threw me out with nice words,” said the Brazilian. Ultimately, however, he decided to switch himself. “I could have insisted on my contract, but I want to be happy. And not with a club that I love but that makes me sad.”

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