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Still can’t trust each other with weather Arrived in October at the Director-General of the Meteorological Department. Dr. Nattapon Natthasomboon that he said that it was near the end of this month into late winter rain But be careful of this day – two days. the final rainstorm Heavy to very heavy, be careful with “Lion Rock” to carry rain Some provinces……may be flooded in the second region……

Dr. Nattapon Natthasomboon

write about late winter rain our upper north happy in the boxmedicine The economy will flow that is popular with tourists. feel the cold wind Prachuap suitable for the government city ​​opening announcement That means the readiness of the villagers.Welcome foreigners – foreigners and for readiness and confidence Rojana Mahawana officer Chiang Mai Red Cross notify the operator walking street to open for further business in november to get service vaccination especially those who have Foreign employees….. let them go inject protection…..

Rotchana Mahawana – Chiang Mai Red Cross

Entering the end of the year when the wind is cold start blowing in Events are also popular to host each other.various traditionally and palm came out first “Jojo” versesChai Organization will be hosting this winter Malay Night to attendees wearing a retro hat Who is cool and chic in the eye get a giveaway This show will be held at Lamur restaurant will gotogether too But until my heart….only a helmet……

Jojo-Ong-Karn Chai-Ong

It has been held continuously every year. fuchsia to be gathered from the meeting in the city of Quan It is the work of connecting and bonding with each other. Phayao Pittayakom people, season 07 with fellow generations Teacher Surat Chiatrakul was the chairman who last year canceled the partybecause of covid epidemic This year, let’s look at the situation. as appropriate If hosting a party, ask your classmates. to meet hugging each other Because counting the days of this generation of friends very little Just like classmates in the past Venus the northerner This year, I probably wouldn’t be able to attend because my friends went to heaven. Passed away…. last month……

Venus, the northerner, friend May 07

Congratulations to a familiar friend “Nanken” Wanlop Namwongprom was appointed as Director of the FM radio station 96.00 It is a wave of Buddhism and ethics in northern people’s culture. It is a white media…..Serving local….

Nanken-Wallop Namwongprom

The same is true of longtime religious servants. “Big Tum” Pramote Samakkarn was appointed as a director Phra Borommathat Doi Suthep Foundation will continue to work For the local society…..and Buddhism…..

Big Tum-Pramote Samakkarn

our national airline Thai Airways started to use again Starting October 31 Open the skies with special promotions Hello World Fares we open this city gate Good results……tourism and business…..

Thai Airways is ready to return to service. Open the city on 31 October.

Thai drama finalist in ASEAN……

Channel 3 leads the team of 4 famous dramas and “Nadech Kugimiya” is the finalist.
at the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2021, the best of Asian entertainers

Another year of Channel 3 with the best of Asia on the stage of the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2021 or the AAA award, the stage for awarding content from various countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Honoring creative excellence To find content, actors, producers of nationally winning works are representatives for the finals.

A total of 15 countries have entered the final round, including Australia, New Zealand, China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan. , Vietnam and Thailand, which in 2021 is the third year that drama content from The Thai color TV station, Channel 3 and the actors received the National Winners award, representing Thailand participating in the final prize draw. To be held in early December 2021 with all the works as follows

  1. Best Comedy Performance: Nadech Kugimiya / Nadech Kugimiya
    from the drama “Monrak Nong Phak Kayang” (To me, it’s simply you)
  2. Best Comedy Programme: From the drama “The New Cook” (My Mischievous Fiancee)
  3. Best Adaptation of an Existing Format: from the drama “Injustice” (Eternal)
  4. Best Visual or Special FX in TV series or Feature Film: from the drama “Phipop Himmapan”
    (World of Himmapan)

Come to send encouragement to win the final award of the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2021 with the 4 quality dramas “Monrak Nong Phak Kayang”, “New Cook”, “Bad Injustice”, “Phipop Himmapan” of Channel 3. and “Nadech Kugimiya”, a popular Thai actor and fans in Asia, who was a finalist to represent Thailand. Let’s win the Asia-Pacific award together.

The Grand Awards ceremony and awards ceremony will take place on Thursday December 2, 2021 from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM (Thailand time) and follow the Red Carpet and Gala on Friday, December 3, 2021 from 3 PM – 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM. – 7:30 p.m. (Thailand time)

Via Facebook Live: www.facebook.com/asainacademycreativeawards (TBC)

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