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social networks put the project on hold

by drbyos

Instagram Kids won’t happen, at least for now. The number one of the social network, Adam Mosseri, explained that the project of a children’s version of the platform has been put on hold following the controversy that affected the idea (in reality leaked and never officially announced by the company) over the past few weeks. The Wall Street Journal report on the negative effects of social media on young girls also weighed in.

Instagram has put on hold the project to create a version of the social network dedicated to children and called Instagram Kids, whose development had become known in recent months. To announce the shutdown was head of social Adam Mosseri, who in an article published on the official blog explained that the company will continue to work on parent-supervised experiences for younger users. According to Mosseri, the project was misunderstood by the public and the media: “It was never intended for very young people, but for children between 10 and 12 years old”.

In a series of tweets, the head of Instagram then explained that the project “was leaking before we even knew what form to give it. People feared the worst and at that time we had few answers. It is clear that we need more time. “. The decision to put the project on hold comes weeks after the publication of a Wall Street Journal report that found internal research on Instagram showed the app was worsening the mental health of young girls.

In his post, Mosseri explains that the American newspaper article “raises a lot of questions” and that criticism of this kind has led Instagram to introduce several features which, over time, have tried to put an end to the scourge of harassment. in line. However, the publication of the internal research sparked numerous protests, especially in light of the Instagram Kids project leaked a few weeks earlier. A wave of criticism to which Facebook responded by saying that the very young were already active online and that their experience on the platform should be framed. An approach that has not convinced most critics: “Facebook claims that creating a version of Instagram for children will help them be safer online,” commented Kathryn Montgomery of the Center for Digital Democracy. “The real goal of the company is to expand its brand to a younger population, presenting children with a highly commercialized environment that poses serious risks to their privacy, health and well-being. “

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