Social networks: 50% of 11-year-olds are already on it

This figure, as surprising as it is worrying, appeared in a recent study examining the digital habits of French people under 13, the age required to be able to access social networks …

Since their arrival on the Web, with Facebook which will have been a great pioneer in the mid-2000s, social networks have become an integral part of our lives. In any case for billions of users around the world, as recently witnessed by the incredible global failure suffered by the company of Mark Zuckerberg, which left for 6 interminable hours all followers not only of Facebook, but also of ‘Instagram and WhatsApp in total disarray …

While most of us have had to learn to navigate this new type of platform, and more so on new tools – smartphones – those under 15 are born and raised with it. Today, children are even attracted to it at an ever younger age, when they are unfortunately still too vulnerable for this type of content. And probably, the minimum age imposed not only by most social networks, but also by French regulations, does not do much. As evidenced by a study recently published by the Heaven agency in France, spotted by Le Figaro. Carried out among 2,000 children, it reveals that half of individuals aged 11 are already on social networks, and that they are 70% to be there by the age of 12.

What are they doing there? YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram are the most popular platforms in the eyes of this young audience, followed by TikTok and WhatsApp, well ahead of the social networks of “old people”, Facebook and Twitter, which would interest respectively only 5% and 3.5 % of respondents. However, as you know, these media can not only expose to sensitive content, they can also be the playground of malicious people … Just the fact of revealing personal information, in particular photos, without really being aware of the Internet issues can be problematic. Not to mention the psychological impact that social networks have on the youngest. Moreover, the study reveals it well: 37% of the children questioned admitted that they could “have a negative impact on their life“, as reported Le Figaro.

Parental controls as a shield

So what to do? Knowing that it is becoming more and more difficult to limit the use of smartphones, tablets or computers at these ages, these tools having themselves become too deeply rooted in our society, and that it is obviously easy to create accounts with false birthdays… The simplest and most reliable solution is undoubtedly parental control.

With SFR FAMILY! for example, an offer designed at the base to group together all the mobile lines and boxes of the household, you have access to a concrete parental control function, which allows you to define tailor-made uses according to the age of your children. children. Establish slots for use, for example, or even block applications altogether. Enough to protect your whole family, in just a few clicks. And what’s more, it’s free!

Source : Le Figaro


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