Social housing: the conditions for benefiting from direct government aid

Par Hassan Benadad on 21/10/2022 at 8:48 p.m.

Budget apartments at 250,000 dirhams are still available on the market.

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Kiosk360. In the Finance Bill 2023, the government gave details of the criteria for granting direct aid to families wishing to acquire a first social housing unit. This article is a press review from the daily Al Akhbar.

The government has decided to grant direct aid to families wishing to acquire their first social housing. In return, the benefits and tax exemptions enjoyed by property developers for the construction of social housing will be abolished. The daily Al Akhbar specifies, in its weekend edition of October 22 and 23, that the framework note for the 2023 Finance Bill indicates that the government will adopt a new approach in supporting access to housing.

An approach that will break with the previous aid mechanism based on tax exemptions and the provision of the property tax base. The State will therefore grant direct support to families wishing to acquire a principal residence, according to well-defined criteria. The purchaser must in particular be of Moroccan nationality and cannot, of course, already be the owner of a dwelling.

The daily Al Akhbar stresses, moreover, that the sales agreement and the final contract must be concluded with a notary. In the final contract, the buyer undertakes to make this accommodation, for four years and from the date of the signing of the notarial deed, his main habitat. In addition, he must grant an official first or second degree mortgage to the State as a guarantee of restitution of the aid granted, in the event of non-compliance with his commitment.

It is specified in the finance bill that the lifting of the mortgage is only effective after the purchaser has submitted the documents proving that he has used the accommodation acquired as a residence for four years. main. In addition, the finance bill emphasizes that the government has built 602,368 social housing units and 28,530 low-value housing units, as well as 253 housing units intended for the middle class.

Par Hassan Benadad


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