Snapchat Introduces ‘Mini Birthday’ Feature To Make Birthday Wishes More Creative & Fun: How To Use It

Snapchat introduced a new feature called Birthday Mini for users to wish their loved ones a birthday. The feature allows people to send funny birthday messages and greetings to others and even get reminders of their birthdays. With this, users can also receive personalized birthday messages and greetings from other people. Birthday greetings will also include special stickers and unique lenses that people can send to each other.

Snapchat introduces a new feature called Birthday Mini

Snapchat will now show upcoming and recent birthdays and even birthdays based on zodiac signs. It’s kind of like how Facebook displays a list of birthdays of people who have passed or are due soon.

The feature also allows users to count their birthdays “to the nearest second!” “

It is suggested that people who have made their birthday visible on Snapchat will be included in Birthdays Mini. Snapchat guarantees that this feature will not display their birth year or age. It will only be visible to the user.

The feature, designed by Snap, will be available to users around the world from today. Here’s how to get there.

How to use the Birthday Mini feature on Snapchat

Step 1: Head to Snapchat app on Android or iOS Step 2: Now just head to any chat and click on the rocket icon to find the Mini Step 3: Birthdays Mini can also be found via search bar

The Mini Birthdays is in addition to the existing Minis and Games that are available in the Snapchat application. These provide fun ways for people to have a social experience with people who have something in common.

There are a number of Minis and Games on Snapchat including Ludo Club, Word Blitz, Prediction Master, Headspace, and more.


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