Snapchat has 306 million users of its augmented reality every day

MADRID, 8 Dic. (Portaltic/EP) –

The social network Snapchat has assured that 306 million people already use augmented reality functions daily through the camera of its application, and has announced new features for the creators of the platform.

Within the framework of your annual event for Lens Fens creators, Snapchat has shared the usage data of the social network, which has 250,000+ Augmented Reality Lens makers from 200+ countries, authors of more than 2.5 million Lenses, viewed more than 3.5 billion times.

Today, 306 million Snapchat users around the world use the app’s camera to create an average of 5 billion Snaps every day. More than 200 million of them interact with Lenses more than 6,000 million times a day.

Likewise, the application has announced new augmented reality functions, among which the arrival of custom ‘landmarkers’. With this tool, mobile users with LiDAR scanners (such as recent iPhones) will be able to transform local landmarks into augmented reality attractions.

Snapchat now also allows any creator to use depth information and knowledge of universal geometry to create experiences that appear to be part of the real world, which was previously only possible with high-end devices.

Lens Studio 4.10 has also been updated with additional features for creators including a new library of sounds, real-world physics, and an API library for real-time data.


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