Smartwatch Xiaomi Imilab W01 Fintness color negro

Smartwatch Xiaomi Imilab W01 Fintness color negro

IMILAB W01 smart watch is a unique fitness smartwatch that supports more than 70 sports modes with a larger 1.69-inch square touch screen. It offers a larger viewing area than a round watch face of the same width, so it can hold more information. In addition to accurate heart rate monitoring, IMILAB W01 smart watch allows you to accurately track steps taken in real time, all-day heart rate monitoring, distance covered, calories burned, exercise quality, sleep and sleep patterns. Inside the slim body, the built-in 220 mAh battery provides enough power for about 15 days and allows you to avoid frequent charging. With 3ATM water resistance technology, the W01 will not be damaged even if you wash your hands, take a bath and swim. Perfect to meet your daily needs.

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2023-05-11 05:05:59

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