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Slovak icon Vlhová: Former coach? He hurt me, it was a massacre

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The Slovak website sme.sk published passages from the book. Among other things, it became clear why Vlhová ended her collaboration with an Italian coach after her life season. “The first three years with coach Livio Magoni were amazing. He showed me a new world. He showed me how the best works. But gradually it started to go wrong and the last season was a massacre with him. “Either I burn out, it destroys my body, or I disgust skiing.”

She lacked a human approach. “Livio took me as a machine. Not as a woman who has feelings, who has her days and who sometimes fails. He was never satisfied. He hurt me and the people on the team. It was sick,” she complained. She didn’t get close to him. “When I confided in him, it came back to me like a boomerang. I never had a closer relationship with him. He refused. I was never good enough for Livia.”

Cooperation with Vlhová? It’s over, knows coach Ledecká

Her words were confirmed in the Italian’s reaction after winning the overall ranking of the World Cup. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, he said that she had no improvement in her DNA and would only get worse. She said she couldn’t match his former charge, Tina Maze.

Rough confession of the coach of the Slovak star: It can only get worse

“Against Petra, Tina was more complex.

I collapsed mentally, admits Vlhová

When Vlhová read about his words, she did not understand at first. “I opened the article in the original. It was in Italian. I had it translated and read it all. I collapsed mentally. I cried for about three hours, I couldn’t stop it,” she said of a heavy blow from her coach in an instant. when she was to celebrate.

Petra Vlhová next to coach Livio Magoni. The successful cooperation ended shortly after the life success of the Slovak star.

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Instagram by Petra Vlhová

It was clear to her that the cooperation was over. “I called my brother that I was finishing Livia. I was cursing on the phone. At that moment I hated him, he ruined all the joy of the big globe,” Vlhová added.

It will be prepared for the Olympic season by the star Swiss coach Mauro Pini, who in the past has worked with, for example, compatriot Lara Gutová-Behrami. Magoni was not left without a job either, he took over the representation of the Slovenian skiers.


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