Six-point weekend for IceFighters Leipzig –

Leipzig. With the optimal score of six points, the Exa IceFighters Leipzig climb into the midfield of the Oberliga Nord. The Saxons followed the 4-0 derby victory in Halle on Sunday evening with a 5-2 win (2-1, 1-1, 2-0) over the promoted EG Diez-Limburg. For the guests from Rhineland-Palatinate, the political blow from the game and training ban in their state seemed to be stuck in their limbs throughout the match.


There was no other explanation for this pomadic appearance after the coup in Herne from the previous week. The IceFighters played solidly and dominated the game over the entire period. Only mistakes made by myself made the game exciting for some time. The first mistake meant the deficit when goalkeeper Patrick Glatzel formally put the 0: 1 on ex-Leipzig Niklas Hildebrand during an attempt to clarify outside his goal.

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On Sunday evening, the IceFighters Leipzig won their league game against Diez-Limburg with a 5-2 win.


But even Diez, who thanks to ex-DEL 2 keeper Jan Guryca were able to stay in the game a little, invited their opponents to some extent. Because although the ice fighters forced Alexander Zille (16th) to equalize (16th) and Michal Velecky (18th) to take the lead, with the kind help of the Limburg defensive ranks. “There is still a bit of choas on the ice,” said the injured Ryan Warttig. In the second round he got to see more of it.

Leipzig stayed much better, but the match lost some of its class. Erek Virch landed the next big goat just as the Icefighters outnumbered them could have expanded their lead. Niklas Hildebrand stole the disc from him, ran up to Glatzel alone and turned it ice cold to 2: 2. Connor Hannon then took the well-deserved lead back with a long-range shot with an indicated penalty for the guests three minutes before the second break.

The pomadic appearance of the rockets was proven by three scenes in the final section: When Israel scored 4-2, the Rockets were still in the dressing room, a penalty for too many players on the ice and a weak attempt at liberation, which Israel made with its second goal the day after a great one The move was penalized with the final score of 5: 2. The first home three for the Saxons was well deserved. The next one could already follow on Wednesday. The Icefighters receive the bottom light from Krefeld for the catch-up game at 6.30 p.m.

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